Wat is een Microsoft Office sjabloon?

Crystal Clear PowerPoint slideshows? All slides based on your corporate identity? Everything is possible with our Microsoft PowerPoint templates. Adding images and styling text is a breeze with Joules Unlimiteds’ PowerPoint templates. We develop both easy to use templates (title and follow-up slide) and fully finished professional slideshow presentations.

Every PowerPoint template contains corporate identity colors and slide-layouts, in which the most used boxes are defined (eg: title, text, photo) according to the graphic designers specifications.

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Thanks to our hi-res background images, a crisp, high quality logo will always be displayed. Blurry, pixelly images are now a thing of the past.

Our PowerPoint templates enable users to place photos underneath a logo or other graphical element

We have developed software for fast and high quality conversion of your old presentations and slides to new templates based on your (new) corporate identity guidelines. Of course it’s also possible to let us develop a full company- or productpresentation, while working closely with (your) graphic designer. You provide the content and requirements and we’ll develop the presentation, containing (if needed) video, sound and animations.

You can also come to us for PowerPoint reports. Together with the graphical designer we can develop a template that will give every employee a head-start when creating a PowerPoint report.

Styling text in PowerPoint is really easy with Joules Unlimited templates. As shown in the screenshot below, the Formatting menu contains all the text styles the user will ever need.