What is a Microsoft Office template?

Microsoft Office template functions as a mold to base new documents on. That way, a template makes it possible that every document created looks exactly the same.

Correct layout in your documents, always.

Wouldn’t you love your letters, quotes and other documents to always have the correct layout for printing or digital distribution? The use of a good template will prove to be essential.

Layout specifications

Fonts, font-sizes, margins and other key elements of a corporate identity form the basis of a template, which also contains layout profiles for titles, headings and header- and footer-content.

These layout specifications are usually created by graphical designers. We register these specifications in our templates so you can start editing the document right away.

Precise and solid

Template development is a difficult process. The corporate identity needs to match the graphical designers’ layout specifications exactly. We execute an average of 400 actions per document to make this possible.

Therefore, our templates are extremely precise and very solid. Never again will you encounter problems like an accidental change of the layout specifications (eg: font).

JOULES UNLIMITED: the number one template builder in the world

With over 20 years of template building expertise, we are very experienced in the field. Our checklists provide all the necessary elements to deliver the correct specifications for corporate identity and formats.

Because we work closely with graphical designers, we can be a great guidance partner. Upon delivery we also provide the user(s) a brief manual.