Microsoft Word templates

Fully customized Word templates

All of Joules Unlimited’s templates are fully customized, following the specifications defined in your corporate identity. Every employee will be able to create the perfect Microsoft Word template with one of our templates.

We even support text-layout in Word documents: the handy rollout-menu provides the desired text options.

Below you’ll find an example of a rollout-menu that will be delivered with each and every one of our templates.

Word template examples
Memo’s, minutes, reports, notes, labels, quotes, invoices, action lists and planning documents: examples of the most popular templates.

Your corporate identity

We build Microsoft Word templates according to the specifications in your corporate identity, with your fonts, colors, images and other common elements.


Templates with your logo and/or sender information in header and footer.

Address box

A perfectly placed box that complies with all international standards and envelopes.

Single-click PDF

Print or save your document to PDF with just one click!


With one click you’ll be able to toggle your letterhead for print or digital distribution.

From a single template to a full set of templates: We can offer complete support with products like our Corporate Identity module, LogoSwitch and Standard Text module. Extra options include: automatic generation of reference numbers and standardized saving of documents.

We can provide all the standard solutions.