Archive and share Outlook email

MailToFile offers the ultimate solution for archiving, searching and sharing e-mails and attachments.

E-mails can be shared and saved in project- and client-folders and stored on your fileserver or in the
cloud with ease.

E-mails can be retrieved fast and will keep their original file properties as an msg file. Even attachments remain available in the -email.

What can MailToFile do for you?

You can clear your inbox, all your e-mails are saved outside of your Outlook.
View all important messages, documents per client or project
Allow colleagues to view important e-mails that have been sent regarding specific topics. No need to start each others mailboxes or cc everyone.
Automatically clean-up your inbox
E-mails are saved on the server, archived emails can be opened, forwarded or replied to at any time.
A directory for saving emails is automatically presented to you, but you can also add custom locations to save emails.
Both incoming and outgoing emails can be saved, and both single items and groups of items can be saved, eg. when emptying your inbox, archiving emails or backing-up data.
E-mails are saved with relevant properties and the actual sent/received timestamp
Reference numbers may be added to incoming and outgoing emails.

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