About us

Joules Unlimited develops Microsoft Office templates for companies. With 14 employees, Joules Unlimited carries out hundreds of template projects per year. There is close cooperation with graphic designers, communication and marketing agencies. Because we are used to working with designers, we are able to provide the right guidance in their design process, ensuring the customer receives templates that are easy to work with.

Founded in 1994

Joules Unlimited was founded in 1994 by Jules Schaminée.

Transition to Private Company in 2000

What started as a sole proprietorship has turned into a private company in 2000.

Direct communication, pleasant atmosphere

Because of the flat organization structure of the company, our communication is very direct. This results in a pleasant atmosphere and a firm approach.

Fast delivery

Our organization is very well  equipped to create templates, so we can deliver quickly. Self-developed software and our own quality system guarantee user-friendly, well structured templates.

Optimal Office templates

Microsoft Office has no secrets for us. With Joules Unlimited as your template builder you’ll have one less thing to worry about: we’ll finetune the templates for optimal use in your MS Office environment.

Large network

We work closely with designers, system administrators and office managers. This enhances our knowledge and allows us to offer an integral approach if desired.

Joules Unlimited

More than 20 years experience

Last year 2085 templates

More than 1530 satisfied customers

customers in 34 countries